Team Parents

Team Parent Responsibilities

Your role as a Team Parent will be to assist your coaches with some of the
administrative tasks encountered throughout the club season. You will be the
primary communication link between the parents, coach, and Club

Maintain team roster (name, jersey #, grade, parent names, emails addresses and cell phone/home phone. Generally, the coaches have this information but it is good to have it updated and maintained throughout the season. It is helpful to create a team roster of players and parent names to share with all parents.

Set up an email distribution list and text group list for parents. Communication is a critical part of the team parent role. Be aware that some Cell Providers have a 10 person Group Text limit. ATT is one carrier that does. Email should be the main source of communication to the entire group.

Decide how you want to handle food with your team. The first item to decide on is
how is your team is going to make arrangements for food during tournaments. If
families decide to work together to provide food for the whole team the team parent will be in charge of all food details for the season. Use of popular online signup sites is very helpful. SignUp Genius is a well known and useful site. Agree on a menu of items and parents will pitch in to provide what is needed.

The traveling teams require advanced travel planning. You will be assisting with the Travel coordination and distributing and obtaining critical travel information to each parent. As a Team Parent you will need to ensure your team receives all information in a timely manner and responds to the deadlines given by the Club. Some tournaments are considered ‘Play and Stay’. The tournament organizers have contract requirements for teams to utilize X amount of hotel rooms. Not all tournaments have this requirement.

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