Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if a player misses a practice?

A: If a player will miss a practice, please have the player contact the coach to let them know they cannot make it. The player will be encouraged to join another team’s practice before the next tournament. Attend a practice of a team level higher is recommended. Check the calendar for team practice dates and times. The player does not need to inform the coach that they will be attending. Let their own coach know that they did make up the practice.

Q: What if I miss a payment using the Installment Plan? 

A: Please refer to the No Pay No Play policy on the Club Fees and Payment Info page.  You may contact Leilani directly at or via phone at 310-940-9784.

Q: How do I get on the Trailsend Mailing List? 

A: At the bottom of the Trailsend Home Page , there is a field to enter your email address. Items posted on the Trailsend Blog site will then be emailed directly to you.

Q: What does the -1 , -2 mean after a team? (14-1’s, 14-2’s etc. )

A: -1 after the team age determines if it is a traveling team or not. Teams such as 14-1’s are considered traveling. Tournaments can be out of state. Teams such as 14-2’s are not traveling. All tournaments are considered local, with minimal travel distances.

Q: I paid the USA Volleyball Tryout Registration fee of $10. What do I need to do when a player makes a team? 

A: Once a player and parent sign commitment letter with a team, you will need to upgrade your USA Volleyball membership. For more information and instructions go to CEVA’s Membership Upgrade Page.  Also note the ‘Club Selection’ section to make certain you chose the correct club when registering.

Q: Can a boy play on a girls team? 

A: Short answer is Yes. CEVA has rules regarding age requirements for boys. Please contact Leilani at for more information.


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