Student Athlete Scholarship Fund

Columbia Empire Volleyball offers Memorial Scholarship Fund for student athletes playing club volleyball. This scholarship is meant for students with significant financial need. Below is information regarding the scholarship. You can go to the CEVA Memorial Scholarship Fund webpage for more details. Details have not been updated for the 2018/19 season as of yet.

Scholarship Details:

  • 2017-18 Scholarship amount: up to $500
  • Scholarship monies will be paid directly to the club and applied towards unpaid dues
  • Names of scholarship recipients will not be released

Requirements for scholarship:

  • Current member of CEVA and CEVA club
  • Submitted by the due date on Application Form
  • Applicant must have a significant financial need. Student-athlete must show proof of receiving government assistance. Club Director to verify outstanding dues and need.
  • No more than one (1) scholarship will be awarded to a single person
  • No more than two (2) scholarships will be awarded to a single club


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