Payment Info

Total price which includes initial deposit .The remaining balance minus the deposit must be paid in full by Dec. 10th if you choose to avoid the additional $25 charge for payment plan . If you elect to go with the 2 or 3 payment installment plan, there is $25 added to each payment. Payments are due the 10th of each consecutive month starting with Dec. The initial deposit is due at the commitment signing after making a team. A separate check of $150.00 for uniform deposit  will be required along with a check for initial deposit. The uniform deposit check will not be cashed and will be returned or shredded at the end of the season on return of uniforms.
2018     Total Price     Deposit    Payments
18-1      $1,995              $550           3 X 506
18-2      $1,100              $450           3 X 241
16-1       $1,795             $450           3 X 473
15-1       $1,795             $450
           3 X 473
16-2       $1,100             $450           3 X 241
14-1       $1,795             $450           3 X 473
14-2       $945                $450           3 X 190

Lodging and travel expenses are NOT included in these prices.

Club Fees Cover:

  • CEVA administration fees (background checks, fingerprinting, certifications etc.) CEVA team and coaches registration fees, insurance, medical supplies, gym rental fees, coaches travel expenses, club administrative costs, equipment, team apparel/gear, tournament entry Fees (includes power leagues, regionals, friendships, all travel tourneys.

    What is not covered:

    Lodging and travel expenses for players are NOT included: We will always secure a certain amount of blocked rooms that will be available for players and parents. Because of the economic situation players are NOT required to share rooms with other players but may stay with parents. Players are not required to stay at same lodging as the coaching staff, but will be required to stay with parents/guardian and or other players and their parents/relatives (motor homes, relatives in town, timeshares etc.). If parents are not able to go and player needs a room we will provide a room next to a coach room and costs will be divided with the amount of players in room.

    ** Payments can be made: Checks or Cash prefered, & Credit card (paypal)

    Make checks payable to: Trailsend Volleyball Club
    17334 SE Sherman St.
    Portland, OR 97233

  •  Payment reminders may be sent out via email or given directly to your daughter. INVOICES WILL NOT BE MAILED.

  • Make sure payments by cash or check are given only to Leilani.


    No Pay No Play Policy

    Because there is the OPTION TO PAY ONLINE WITH PAY PAL, we will strictly enforce the “no pay no play” policy. The policy will work as follows: PAYMENTS  DUE the 10th of the month. If payments are not received by the due date, a reminder email will be sent within that week. You will then have one week , If the director has not received communication, then the coach will be notified that your daughter will be ineligible to practice or play until there is something worked out with director. We can always try to work something out if there is a hardship, but it is up you to contact Leilani

    Pay using PayPal

    When paying with PayPal, write the full name of the athlete and the team your athlete is on (example; athlete’s name , 14- 2) in the product information block.