Roster Pictures Are Posted

The Team Roster pages have been updated with player pictures. Rosters can be viewed under each Team Page or by clicking the links below. There are a few folks that have not had their picture taken yet. There will be additional opportunities this week and next before or after practice. Bring both Team Jerseys to match up with which your team used.

Once in the Roster Page, you can click on an image to get the full size image. These full size images can be downloaded too.

12-1 Roster
14-1 Roster
15-1 Roster
16-1 Roster
18-1 Roster
18-2 Roster

Happy New Year Trailsend

Hope all teams had a great time with their team bonding events over the holidays. Please send all pictures from this and future team pics to Kylie through text at 971-221-9462. She will be posting all of them on our Instagram and we can get your smiling faces on our website.

-12-1 and 14-1 teams your location for you power league is up. You both will be at the hoop. You will be able to find the schedule through for most all upcoming events except for your friendship tourneys.

-For 16 and 18s tourneys coming up. Nothing will be posted until the week of for the Matt Hartner Classic and the Power League Qualifier. Please do not call CEVA for this information.

-Most of the Deadlines for Pay to Play events for Hotels have passed now for the tournaments. Las Vegas 15u and 16u teams deadline is the 7th of Jan.

-All players have been registered correctly in the system and all teams are caught up with refereeing and scoring certifications. (Thank you)

-Each player should have received 2 jerseys (Blue, Grey), 1/2 zip jacket, and bags for the season. Please let me know if your player did not receive any of these items for any reason. During tournaments please do not leave bags alone. Either put them under Team bench while players are playing or parents should have them with them. Stealing is a real thing.

– Make up roster picture days will be Jan 3rd and the 7th. Please wear your jerseys before practice. And arrive a little early.

Great news!!! We should be receiving keys to facilities this week, hoping this will cut down on mishaps at Ogden and Eastham. For Eastham school please be advised that Jazzercise does not want us in the gym doors before 7pm. Please be patient and wait outside and they should open doors for us once they have packed up. If there are further problems with this please let me know and I will address this situation

Good luck to all teams and players in 2019. We are looking forward to watching everyone learn and grow in the game and as a person throughout the season. Thank you all for your support for the players and Trailsend.






Roster Photo Shoot Thurs Dec 27th


We will be taking player pics and posting them on the Roster Pages of each team page. Before each practice on Thursday Dec 27th, players should arrive a little early and have their game jerseys on. We prefer to use the same jersey color your entire team has.   An area will be set up in the hall near the equipment closet at Ogden for pictures to be taken. These will be head shot type photos. Please make certain players are prepared when they arrive on Thursday.

Travel Hotels / Fan Merch / Dec Payments

  • The NW Power Scrimmage at North Marion was a huge success yesterday. Thank you all for contributing to the food tables and cheering on our teams. There is a photo gallery on our new Photo Gallery Page. You can access it here. The tournament was a wonderful way for all of our teams to come together during this holiday season.
  • Traveling Teams:¬†Currently all hotel blocks have been booked. If you are in need of a hotel for a traveling tournament, please contact Leilani – She will attempt to get a discounted rate for you.
  • Fan Merchandise:¬†If you are wanting to purchase any fan merchandise for Christmas, you will need to do so before all practices today. You may purchase them online at our WebStore. If you have already purchased items, please find Leilani at practices tonight to pick up your items.
  • December Club Payments:¬†December payments are now past due. Please bring to practice tonight and give to Leilani. Please contact Leilani if you have any issues getting payment to her today.

Trailsend Fan Merchandise


Trailsend Volleyball club’s new and improved fan merchandise offerings are now live. All purchases are completed online now through a Trailsend Storefront. Once you place your order, you will pay via PayPal (Credit Card) at checkout. To receive the items, please fill in the “Additional Instructions” box during check out at what practice or tournament you would like to pick the purchased items up.

Merchandise Page 2

There are new and retro items to purchase. There are slightly used backpacks and duffle bags for sale as well. If a size or color is not available, you will not be able to add it to your cart.

To access the Trailsend Storefront, go to the Fan Merchandise Page.  At the bottom is a link to the Trailsend Storefront. Take a look around and see what is available.

Not on Team Roster

Here are players that are not on team rosters for the year due to:
– updated $55 membership and or
– Trailsend needs to be changed as your membership team and or
– Have not paid for the season with a deposit of $450 to Trailsend
(Players will not be able to participate in first tourney of the year without this completed)

  • 18-1 Team
    Brittany Quinn
    Arika Evans
    Rory Schedler
    Riley Lehman
    Lexi Petro
  • 18-2 Team
    Kaylee Falaschetti
    Keyristan Avellenda
  • 16-1 Team
    Dylan Schmidt
    Sydney Leveque
  • 15-1 Team
    Allie Miller-Reiss
  • 14-1 Team
  • 12-1 Team
    Jordan Hernandez

-All teams still need to get score and ref certified ASAP as this will be something we need to participate on Dec 16th.
-Please check spelling of last names on the team page. If incorrect please email or text Leilani with right spelling.
-18-1 your deadline to reserve rooms for Vegas tourney is coming up on the 17th of Dec.
-14-1 I am working on getting a block of rooms for Jan tourney for your team.




Friendly reminders to start the 2018-2019 season

Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving! A lot of info below. Please Read.

  • If you have not done so, please upgrade your CEVA/USA Volleyball Membership to the full $55 membership. Click this link for upgrading. If coming from a different club, or you are a new member, please be sure and change the Club / Region. Here are instructions on how to check and change it.¬† You can change that during the upgrade process. Your player cannot be added to the roster until these steps are complete.
  • $450 deposit and $200 uniform fee should be paid as of last week. Please contact Leilani¬† if there is any problems or concerns. Next payment (Monthly or Full) is due December 10th. (Payment options:¬†PayPal¬†Online, check written to Trailsend VBC, cash-hand to Leilani only) For more details go to the Club Fees and Payment Page.
  • All Trailsend Team Players are required to complete the Junior Ref/Scorer online training. For the 12-1’s team, 2 parents are also required to be certified. A parent will assist with score keeping during each match. Click here for CEVA instructions on accessing the Online Course.¬† 
  • All Trailsend Teams (except 12-1’s)¬† First Scrimmage / Tournament of the season will be at North Marion High School on Sunday Dec 16th. Arrive by Noon. Play begins at 12:30pm. During this tournament CEVA Refs will be working with Coaches and Players on the Ref / Scorer Training. This is not a replacement of the online course. This training is to complete requirements for Trailsend to be listed as a Blue Ribbon Certified Club with CEVA.¬† The 12-1’s team should attend this and receive scorer training. They do not have to stay once the training is over. More details about the tournament will be posted soon.
  • ** Traveling Teams**¬† The 14-1,15-1, and 16-1 teams are attending the February Presidents Weekend Tournament in Seattle.¬† Please see the February Tournaments Page for details.¬† Additional rooms have been blocked at the Hilton Garden Inn.¬† (5 rooms left)
    18-1’s are attending the Las Vegas Classic in February. Deadline for reserving a room is Dec 17th. See February Tournaments Page for details.
    The 15-1 and 16-1 teams will be attending the Vegas National Qualifier in April. Hotel rooms will be blocked and posted hopefully before Christmas on the Traveling Tournaments Pages.
  • ** Tournament Changes ** The 18-1’s Spokane tournament has been canceled and removed from the calendar. 18-1s are now registered in Willamette Classic at OSU on May 11th and 12th. The¬† 14-1’s¬† are now registered for NW Junior Elite tourney MLK weekend January 19th-21st. Neither of these tournaments are Stay and Play. There will be no blocked rooms.
  • Friendship tournaments will be posted on the calendar once confirmed. Details will be provided to each team.
  • Jerseys and bags should be in your presence shortly before Christmas break!

Looking forward to a great season.


Trailsend VBC Calendar

All club activities are published in a Google Public Calendar. You can access this calendar via the ‘Calendar’ Menu.¬† You can sync it to your own Google Calendar, Android Calendar, or IOS Calendar if you have a Google login. Click the lower right of the calendar to add this to your Google Calendar.

Calendar Sync

There are many tutorials to help with this process online. Here are a couple:

How to Sync Google Calendar in IOS

How to Sync Google Calendar to Android

If you already have a Google Login and want to add to your Google Calendar using your computer, simply click the + in the lower right of the calendar.

Each Team Page has a calendar as well. These calendars are specific to each team. We recommend if you want to sync a calendar, to sync the full club calendar.