I Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

We are all getting excited for the upcoming club season.

Trailsend now has an Instagram page so please send us all your photos so we can easily see and keep up with what you all are doing. I know we are about 5 years late but better late than never! We would love to get schedules of when all of you are playing too.

-Open gyms will be starting in October (times and gym to be announced soon)
-Tryouts for 16 and 18 players will be Nov 11th and 12th.
-Tryouts for 12 and 14 players will be Nov 4th and 5th.
-Times and gym will be announced soon.

Good Luck to you all and we hope to see you soon.


Great Trailsend Season 2018

Hi All,

I’d like to congratulate everyone for a great regional tourney. So many highlights! It was so fun to watch everyone play. Thank you all for coming and supporting each other. All the players loved to see you at the matches!

18-2 were Champion of their division. They beat an amazing team to take home the prize of the tourney in Comeback Bracket to get 49th!

14-2 moved up 4 divisions from the beginning of the year to finish in the Championship round to get 82nd.
Photo 1-2

18-1 accomplished all our goals for the year. Top seven in the state was just a bonus. Best finish Trailsend has every had in any division in any year. So proud of these girls not only because of the volleyball success, all our senior have a scholarship for college, but most of the them have been apart of the Trailsend family for 5+ years and we have seen them grow and become beautiful strong women with integrity and character. How sweet it is for us to go through the ups and the downs with our families for years and see the girls off to the next big steps into the world. I’m confident all of you have the skills to be your best selves in any situation life may have for you. Proud!!!

Amiyah Shakoor: Umpqua CC
Emily Beebe: Blue Mountain CC
Bella Forncrook: Texas A&M International
Bridgette O’Connor: Lynn University Florida
Sophia Davies: George Fox
Marina Daniels: Oregon
Sinclair Ashley: Louisiana

All Trailsend finishes for 2018:
18-1: 7th
18-2: 49th
16-1: 25th
15-1: 63rd
16-2: 95th
14-1: 30th
14-2: 82nd

Beach volleyball is beginning this Wednesday. Would love to see you all there. Be there around 5:45pm to get signed up. All details are on Trailsend Beach tab or Woks up website.

Thank you all again for showing so much support between all the food and the gift cards. I know the Avellaneda family has felt overwhelming loved by everyone.

It has been such a wonderful season. Thank you for letting Trailsend be apart of your lives. We wish all the girls the best of luck in high school or middle school tryouts. Hope to see everyone soon and definitely in November. It has been a pleasure to coach you all.



End of the Year Reminders

Hi Trailsend Family,

Change of Location for practice on Monday 23rd of April. Will now be at Estacada High School (355 NE 6th ave estacada) Time change to 5:30-8:30pm for clinics. (Survey will be passed out)

Regional Reminders:
– Bring all jerseys and bags on Sunday, please turn into team parents for each team.
– Seed for Regionals are not yet posted and will be possibly different from what Power league finish was. Schedule will be posted on team page through AES.
– Regionals will be at Expo Center this year on two different weekends. (Please come and support all teams!

Family in Need:
Thank you all for your loving outreach of food/ gift cards/ presents for this family.
– When bringing food please let your coach know so that we are aware of the food brought.
– If you bring food on Tues/ Thursday. Please just drop off food and the coach in charge can get food where it needs to go.
– This week 16-2/18-1 and Next week 18-2/18-1 and Last Week 15-1/16-1 team schedule to bring food is wanting to contribute.

SCVA VEGAS Qualifier: 15-1/ 16-1
– Schedule posted on team pages.
– Coaches will be in Vegas on Thursday night.
– Play should be over at the latest Monday later afternoon.
– Please prepared for many team events after or before playing. Team parents work hard to organize events. Please try and be flexible and open to ideas from everyone.

Looking forward to all clinics this week. It has been so fun to watch everyone improve this season. Good Luck at Regionals!!!

Please contact Leilani for Beach Season coming up soon!!!





Hi Trailsend Family,

Thank you all so much for your out reach with all the meals this week 14-1 and 14-2. Last scheduled pick up date for y’all is tomorrow during practice times. Next week 16-2 and 18-1 will be scheduled for meals for the family. Obviously if anyone still wants to contribute it is more than welcome. The family would like to let everyone know how much they appreciate the outreach of blessings all of you have given to them during these times.

Speaking of blessing, as most of you know Ryan Kamahoahoa, I thought I would send y’all a blog since all of you have become so much apart of our families lives. As of last night my family received a phone call that Ryan had a kidney waiting for him at OHSU if he is ready to receive. Ryan has been on dialysis for years now and Ryan’s days had become numbered as the hours have taken its toll on Ryan. He has been on transplant list for 15 plus years and many of you have been tested for becoming his donor yourselves. Unfortunately because Ryan is so rare there is only a 1% chance that anyone in the world would match with Ryan.

Last night a miracle happened and we got the unexpected but always prayed for phone call that his kidney had arrived. Early this morning he had the 5 plus hour surgery and is now in recovery. He is having tests done as we speak to make sure everything is working properly. Family will be in the hospital for the next few days. We are all still in shock at this moment is and will be life changing for our family. I want to thank you all for your prayers over the years. Please still be praying not only for Ryan but also the family in which we received the kidney as someone had to lose their life in order for this to happen. God is good all the time!!!

Good luck to all teams this weekend!!!


Happy Easter


Hope Everyone is enjoying some time off  from the gym.

We had a non-rainy and refreshing Beach Camp this week! SO much fun to watch all the girls transition onto the sand. By the end of camp we had tons of improvement from all the players and some great rallies during the tournament. Thanks to all who participated.

Shout out to our 18-1 team finishing 5th place in the USA division during the PNQ Qualifier in Spokane. It is great to watch this team play their best all together at the perfect time in order to beat some of the best teams in the nation. Regionals top 15 we are coming for ya.

Good Luck to the 14-1 as they travel to Spokane this weekend!

We will be having group lessons on Friday the 6th and 13th from 5:15- 6:45pm at Ogden. In order to participate you do need to call or text Leilani in order to get on the list as there is only limited space. 310-940-9784. It is $20 per player when attending the lesson.

Good Luck to everyone in their last PL of the season. Lets have a strong finish for the season. All schedules and locations are now posted on AES.





Intra Club Tournament

Hi All,

Time is the same. Please be there around 10:30am with a dish for all to share.
Playing Begins at 11am
Utensils/ Bowls/Plates/ Napkins/ Bottled water provided.
If you want something else to drink you are welcome to bring.
Teams are preplanned and the plan is all players will be there. Please call Leilani if this is not the case.
Parents need to text or call Leilani if they would like to play in the tourney on the 2 parent teams. You do not need to be a volleyball player in order to play.  We still have spots available as of now for more parents.


Feb 21st 2018

Trailsend Families,

Hope everyone who traveled had safe and fun weekend up and down the west coast. For those that fly I have a word of advice, do not take Vicodin before flying:)

Ogden Parking will be shut down in the back lot from now on. Please park in the front of the building and front doors of the school will be open to walk through the building to get to the gym.

Please check the calendar for all upcoming events.
Clinics: this week and next week. These clinics are a great way for all players to hear from other coaches and learn and play from older players. Please make sure your players are taking advantage of these great opportunities.
Intra Club Tourney and potluck is coming up soon on March 4th from 11am-4:30pm at CAIS School.
-Please bring a food dish to share and whatever you would like to drink.
-Bottled water, silverware, bowls, plates, napkins will be provided
-Limited crock pot space available
-Parents there is limited space on the 2 parent teams. Please call or text Leilani at 310-940-9784 to sign up.
Beach Volleyball Camp (Wok’s Up facility)
– Springbreak March 26th-28th from 1pm-4pm
-All details are on the the beach tab on Trailsend website.
– To sign up please call or text Leilani (Limited space)

Last Payment for the season was due on Feb 10th. Please call or text Leilani if you are having difficulty with your payment plan.


Happy Valentines Week

Hello TVC Families,

Congratulations to all TVC Teams:
New Ranking after Feb Pl:
18-1: 15th
18-2: 52nd
16-1: 24th
15-1: 57th
16-2: 95th
14-1: 29th
14-2: 104th

Friendly Reminders:
– Last payment was due Feb 10th. Please give your coach final payment at practice or pay through PayPal on website.
– Spring Break beach camp flyers and information soon to come. (Website beach info is all up to date)
– Intra Club tourney is on March 4th: This tourney is for all parents and players to play in (Bring a food dish big enough for 6-10 people. (11am-5pm at CAIS school)

Good Luck to all this weekend!



Hi All,

Here is the outstanding CEVA starting spots after qualifiers of all our teams:
18-1: 16th
18-2: 55th
16-1: 28th
15-1: 54th
16-2: 99th
14-1: 26th
14-2: 111th
Next tournament schedules are posted for all 18’s and 16’s teams on team home pages!

Our next clinic will be this Friday @ Ogden from 5:15-8:15pm for 14-2/14-1/15-1/16-2/18-2 teams. These clinics have been an amazing way for all the coaches to get to know and work with all the athletes. Please try and get your players to designated clinics when they are given.

HOTELS: Last but not least all Spokane hotels are now blocked and links will be posted for 14-1 team shortly online. FEB 8th will be the cut off date to get these rooms. All other hotel blocked rooms deadlines have expired.

Lessons are available at certain dates and times throughout the season. Please call or text Leilani to get on the list if you are interested in the lessons.

1. Players and Parents are no longer allowed in the lobby while jazzercise is being held! Please wait outside in your cars or outside the doors until jazzercise has completed.
2. Parents and Players are not allowed in the school hallways while practice is being ran. Please make sure children, not practicing, stay inside the gym at all times and are supervised.
1. Everyone is still allowed to park in the back of the school. I will let everyone know when or if they are going to be shutting that access off.

Thank you for all supporting your Trailsend teams!




CEVA Schedule Posted


Congrats to all the teams who played this weekend. We all learned so much about our teams and I know we are ready for the first qualifier of the season this weekend!

All schedules are posted on your team pages per team. Just click on the link and it should take you to AES where you know place and time of which your team is playing for the following tourneys.

If you have not already done so your second payments for the season is past due. Please turn in your checks to coaches and or Leilani on Thursday or Friday of this week before the tournament begins.

  • Please make sure your daughters name is listed on the check.
  • Trailsend apparel is available buyer parents and or players at anytime. Just send an email to trailsendvbc@gmail with size and color of item and Leilani can bring to any practice. Lets support our teams!!!

Hope to see you all this week!!! Good luck to everyone in the tourneys!!!!
TRAILSEND ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES WILL BE AT PRACTICE ON FRIDAY BETWEEN 6:45-7:15pm for those that like alittle puppy love 🙂