Feb 21st 2018

Trailsend Families,

Hope everyone who traveled had safe and fun weekend up and down the west coast. For those that fly I have a word of advice, do not take Vicodin before flying:)

Ogden Parking will be shut down in the back lot from now on. Please park in the front of the building and front doors of the school will be open to walk through the building to get to the gym.

Please check the calendar for all upcoming events.
Clinics: this week and next week. These clinics are a great way for all players to hear from other coaches and learn and play from older players. Please make sure your players are taking advantage of these great opportunities.
Intra Club Tourney and potluck is coming up soon on March 4th from 11am-4:30pm at CAIS School.
-Please bring a food dish to share and whatever you would like to drink.
-Bottled water, silverware, bowls, plates, napkins will be provided
-Limited crock pot space available
-Parents there is limited space on the 2 parent teams. Please call or text Leilani at 310-940-9784 to sign up.
Beach Volleyball Camp (Wok’s Up facility)
– Springbreak March 26th-28th from 1pm-4pm
-All details are on the the beach tab on Trailsend website.
– To sign up please call or text Leilani (Limited space)

Last Payment for the season was due on Feb 10th. Please call or text Leilani if you are having difficulty with your payment plan.


Happy Valentines Week

Hello TVC Families,

Congratulations to all TVC Teams:
New Ranking after Feb Pl:
18-1: 15th
18-2: 52nd
16-1: 24th
15-1: 57th
16-2: 95th
14-1: 29th
14-2: 104th

Friendly Reminders:
– Last payment was due Feb 10th. Please give your coach final payment at practice or pay through PayPal on website.
– Spring Break beach camp flyers and information soon to come. (Website beach info is all up to date)
– Intra Club tourney is on March 4th: This tourney is for all parents and players to play in (Bring a food dish big enough for 6-10 people. (11am-5pm at CAIS school)

Good Luck to all this weekend!



Hi All,

Here is the outstanding CEVA starting spots after qualifiers of all our teams:
18-1: 16th
18-2: 55th
16-1: 28th
15-1: 54th
16-2: 99th
14-1: 26th
14-2: 111th
Next tournament schedules are posted for all 18’s and 16’s teams on team home pages!

Our next clinic will be this Friday @ Ogden from 5:15-8:15pm for 14-2/14-1/15-1/16-2/18-2 teams. These clinics have been an amazing way for all the coaches to get to know and work with all the athletes. Please try and get your players to designated clinics when they are given.

HOTELS: Last but not least all Spokane hotels are now blocked and links will be posted for 14-1 team shortly online. FEB 8th will be the cut off date to get these rooms. All other hotel blocked rooms deadlines have expired.

Lessons are available at certain dates and times throughout the season. Please call or text Leilani to get on the list if you are interested in the lessons.

1. Players and Parents are no longer allowed in the lobby while jazzercise is being held! Please wait outside in your cars or outside the doors until jazzercise has completed.
2. Parents and Players are not allowed in the school hallways while practice is being ran. Please make sure children, not practicing, stay inside the gym at all times and are supervised.
1. Everyone is still allowed to park in the back of the school. I will let everyone know when or if they are going to be shutting that access off.

Thank you for all supporting your Trailsend teams!




CEVA Schedule Posted


Congrats to all the teams who played this weekend. We all learned so much about our teams and I know we are ready for the first qualifier of the season this weekend!

All schedules are posted on your team pages per team. Just click on the link and it should take you to AES where you know place and time of which your team is playing for the following tourneys.

If you have not already done so your second payments for the season is past due. Please turn in your checks to coaches and or Leilani on Thursday or Friday of this week before the tournament begins.

  • Please make sure your daughters name is listed on the check.
  • Trailsend apparel is available buyer parents and or players at anytime. Just send an email to trailsendvbc@gmail with size and color of item and Leilani can bring to any practice. Lets support our teams!!!

Hope to see you all this week!!! Good luck to everyone in the tourneys!!!!
TRAILSEND ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES WILL BE AT PRACTICE ON FRIDAY BETWEEN 6:45-7:15pm for those that like alittle puppy love 🙂



January 10th

Hi Trailsend,

Happy New Years to 2018!!!!

Congrats to the 14u teams for a great showing in their first Qualifier!
-Parents please email me pictures in jpeg format so I can post them on website!!!

We had a great time at our first clinic of the year on Monday!!!
-Keep on parking in the back of Ogden until I let you guys know different.
-Working on updates for February calendar, please check for updates.
-Practices this Friday and Monday have been moved to 6pm to help all of those arrive on time.
-Thank you for all players who have gotten score/ref certified!!!! All our teams are legal!

Schedules for all power leagues and travel tournaments are posted under team tab before roster. Click on link to get to AES and schedule for first tourney day. After that follow AES.
– Friendship tourney schedules will be emailed the same week through team parents or coach to parents of players.

Hotel: (All travel tourneys are Stay to play)
Please make sure you all are keeping up with the hotel information posted on the website. Every travel tourney has a deadline for the blocked rooms. All hotels links of blocked rooms are posted. (Except Spokane)

January 10th is the payment day for second payment for your teams (remember we are a pay to play club)
GOOD LUCK TO ALL THIS WEEKEND!!!! Goal is to get better!!!


Traveling Tournament Updates

Hello Trailsend Families,

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Answers to Questions

  • Power League Tourneys are usually not scheduled until two weeks prior of the actual date. http://www.cevaregion.org for updates
  •  Friendship tourneys I usually get email during the same week of the tourney and team parent will send out to the rest of the team.
  • Travel Tourneys schedules are usually not know until week of. AM/PM schedule is usually known month or so prior.
    – Links to the traveling tourney website are also attached to our website with hotel info. Any parent can check to see if tourney has been updated through these link or through AES. Team parents are pretty good about checking this info. Asking them for schedule a month prior to a tourney is not reasonable.
  • Jan Seattle Travel tourney schedules will not be known until Jan 9th on AES. Main Facility is Juanita High school but is played at multiple facilities. (Hotel is centrally located for Presidents day as well hopefully)
    – Seattle Jan tourney is a 3 day tourney SAT/ SUN/ MON (Please revise hotel accordingly)
    -15u is PM wave Saturday and Sunday (Could drive up Saturday instead of Friday)
    -14u is unknown on Sat and Sunday is AM wave
  • MHM tourney schedule will be known on the 9th on AES. Main facility is Moshofsky Center.
    – SAT/ SUN / MON tourney
    – 18u is AM on Sat/ 16u is PM on Saturday
    – No team blocked hotel rooms/ Details for Team house for 18-1 players will be sent out from team mom shortly
  • Deadline for blocked hotel rooms have passed for Jan tourneys but you could possibly call hotel in stay at the same venue.
  • PARKING AT OGDEN: Parking in the front of Ogden will not be enforced until late January (I do appreciate all of you the called into the admin, your concerns were heard)
  • Clinics are not optional. They are like a practice so they need to be made up just as if a missed practice during season. (All players should be making up practices with other teams if you miss your own)
    – You need to inform coaches if your are going to miss practices or are late.
  • 2nd payment for season is due on January 10th.

Have a GREAT 2018 New Years!!!!!


Trailsend Holiday Food Drive Results

Hi All:

We had a total of over 1500 cans!!!! Thank you so much to Trailsend families to help make other families in the OC community feel loved during this holiday season!

1st Place was 15-1 Justine with 652 cans (Pizza party tonight at 7pm)
2nd Place  was 16-2 Kylie with 302 cans  (Khylee Pittam get special team award)
3rd Place was 18-2 Natalya with 279 cans
The rest of us needed some help…… you do the math!!!!
Congrats to the Champions and Merry Christmas!!!


  • Ogden is no longer letting parents/players/coaches park in the back of the building. Please park in the front and walk to the back where we usually enter the building.
  • Payments for players where due last week on the 10th. Please call Leilani or email her is you are having issues with fees ASAP.
  • Clinics have been added to the calendar in January and for the rest of the year. Please look over the calendar as practice could have changed.
  • Flights for Vegas can be found under $300 with Southwest Airlines.
  • Please book your hotel through the links that are on website. There are deadlines for all blocked hotels.
  • 16-1/15-1/14-1 February Seattle tourney hotel has changed to Embassy Suites Tacoma Airport. (Link will be posted shortly) Those of you that originally booked through the link to Townesuites need to cancel reservation by the 22nd of Dec. in order to get fully refunded.
  • PLAYERS please get scoring certified for the season. There is consequences if we do not obtain a certain amount of players per team who are certified.


HO HO HO 12/12/18

Hi All!

I hope you all are adjusting to the weather with ease and getting ready for a wonderful Christmas! Here is an update of what all players should have by now.

  • Two sets of Jerseys/ Bags – for spandex all players will buy their own black spandex, please make sure no big logos are on the black spandex when wearing in matches. (Except 18-1)
  • After this weekend all teams will have experienced their first tournaments. GOOD JOB this last weekend/ GOOD LUCK this weekend!
  • Please get score/ref certified ASAP. If players are not certified by January teams could be restricted from playing in first events of 2018 and fined from CEVA.
  • All players should have CEVA membership under Trailsend by now so they can be on official roster.
  • All Players should have second payment paid Dec 10th deadline. (Please check payment page for each team payments vary)
  • Email for 16-2 Kylie and 15-1 Justine for upcoming friendship will be out soon.
  • Team Bonding events should have already occurred and or occurring throughout this week. (Closure you get to Christmas the players will leave town)
  • HOLIDAY CAN drive ends this Friday! (Pizza Party for the winners will be on the following Monday)!
  • Blocked Hotels rooms for traveling tournaments are up for Seattle tourney in January for 15-1/14-1, Feb Vegas Classic 18-1 Excalibur, March Colorado 18-1 Drury. There are deadlines for these hotels and blocked rooms that don’t get taken will be distributed elsewhere.
  • You can start buying plane tickets for all away tourneys as we have been accepted to all, just waiting for hotel venues to get back to us about blocked room confirmations.
  • Bringing (English bulldog) puppies to practice on Monday!!!

Thank you all for being best parent/ player group ever!!! I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy the love of family during your break! Please call or email Leilani at 310-940-9784 or trailsendvbc@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.


DECEMBER 1st 2018

Merry Christmas,

Thank you everyone for getting your ceva membership taken care of. Everyone is officially on a roster!!!

There has been many changes to the December practice schedule and tournament schedule. Please check calendar to double check where your teams are playing. If you are practicing on Tuesday and Thursday your practices will always be at Eastham at 7-9pm, please let me know if y’all find discrepancies on the calendar.
– All friendship tournaments are posted for the year for all teams.
– 18-1/16-1: Eugene hotels are FFY! (FEND FOR YOURSELVES) recommended hotel is Best Western in Springfield
– 15-1/14-1: MLK Seattle tourney hotel is Embassy Suited Lynnwood. Link to reserve blocked rooms will be posted early next week. 20 plus blocked rooms!
-16-1/15-1/14-1: Presidents day Seattle hotel is TownePlace Suites Southcenter (Link is up and running to book rooms now. Please go to Traveling tourney to block rooms.
-18-1: Vegas Classic Tourney Hotel is yet to be decided.(Do not get flights until confirmed)
– 18-1: Colorado Classic hotel is Drury Inn and Suites (Link is up and running)
– 18-1/14-1: Spokane NW Qualifier hotel is yet to be decided.
– 16-1/15-1: SCVA Vegas Qualifier is yet to be decided. (Do not get flights until confirmed)

-Trailsend parents should have gotten emails and or phone calls from team parents and or coaches in regards to team parties and food for tourneys. Parents please respond to these emails so that Team parents knows everyone is receiving info. If you have not received any info’s means your team parent has missing info from you. Please get them phone and email address ASAP.
– Next Payment is Due the week of the December 10th.

-Players should be working on ref and scoring certifications. You all need to do this through the USAV site which you can find on cevaregion.org.
– Players please ask coaches what team policy is regarding scoring n ref certifications.
-Players should be showing up ready to jump rope with shoes n knee pads on 5min before practice actually begins!
-Uniforms are being worked on being delivered next week! (December friendship does not require jerseys so we have plenty of time!
– Players missing practices please make sure you make up by going to other team practices within a week or so of missing. You do not to schedule with the accepting coach but you should tell your team coach that you did make up so that they are aware.
– Call 310-940-9784 if you have any questions or concerns. We are so excited to get going for the season. This is going to be one good season!!!!