Woks Up Beach Volleyball June 1st Jr Doubles and June 2nd Jr Quad Tournaments

The first full weekend of Junior tournaments were completed last weekend. June 1st began with the Morning Beginner Junior Doubles Tournament and the Afternoon Advanced Junior Doubles Tournament. June 2nd was the first ever Junior Quads Tournament. Both tournaments were very well attended by multiple levels of players. If you are interested in playing in any of our future Junior Tournaments, check out the Tournaments Page. Thank you to all the family and friends that came out to support the players.

Below are the photo albums of the tournaments.

The June 1st Doubles Tournament morning and afternoon tournaments click HERE.

The June 2nd Quads Tournament Click HERE.

For more information about Woks Up Beach Volleyball go to our Website.

Intra Club Tournament 2019 and Website New Look

2019 Champions

Intra 2

The 2019 Intra Club tournament is in the books. It was nice being back in the CAIS Gym. The parent teams started out strong, but age may have gotten the best of them and they slowly slipped away. Another year and no parent team won the championship. Next year! Even though it was the beginning of Spring Break, we had a good turnout. Awesome food, music and fun. I have created a photo album to share pics of the tournament. The link is in the Photo Galleries Page. And you can access it directly Here. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please email trailsendvbc@gmail.com . There is also a shared Google Photo Album if you would like to upload pics to that. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PottMkMwvKV86dqm7

If you have not visited the Trailsend Website lately, there is a new look to it. The menus have been condensed and more cell phone user friendly. Give the site a try. Same information, just not as cluttered.

Intra Club Tourney 2019

I can say from all the coaches that today was such a fun day. Thank you for sharing your time with us this season. It was so entertaining watching everyone play today and have a great time. NOBODY GOT HURT!!!! But I’m sure a few may be sore. I hope you all enjoy this tourney tradition as much as we do. Also thank you for the full belly, food was great!

This next week is Spring Break so there will be no indoor practices. I will be on the sand though. Please encourage you players to play if you are not going out of town. This will expand all skills but also give them the mental break they need from indoor. Parents come enjoy the sun and sand as well as we have nice beverages for y’all. This is a camp so it is meant for learning and fun, the younger the better! You can sign up online through our site. Hope to see you all there!



Spring Break Beach Volleyball Camp

Winter is making a last push, but Spring is knocking on its door. Not going to Hawaii or the warm beaches of Southern California for Spring Break? Spend Spring Break being trained by Leilani Kamahoahoa-Noga, a former AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Player.

Beach volleyball is now a scholarship sport at many universities. The Woks Up Spring Break Beach Volleyball Camp is designed introduce players to the world of Beach Volleyball. Let them experience all the same skills as indoor, just add sand/sun/wind/rain. This will refine their skills, footwork, and anticipation on the court. Players will experience every aspect of defense and offense therefore become better/faster/more explosive indoor players because of beach.

Trailsend Volleyball Club and Woks Up Beach Volleyball are offering two opportunities for Juniors to experience Beach Volleyball. Please visit the following two pages for more details:

Spring Break Beach Volleyball Camp 2019

Junior Beach Volleyball Season (May-Aug) 



Woks Up Beach Volleyball


Hi All Trailsend Families,

Hope you all enjoyed the snow over the weekend. It looks like Gresham- Troutdale got the worst of it.

-We are up for practices as posted on calendar for the week if all goes well.

-CEVA will let us know if our canceled Power League will be rescheduled and you will know as soon as I know. (Trailsend will be trying to schedule an extra tourney for all teams who missed tourney this weekend due to snow and ice as soon as CEVA makes decision as to if it will reschedule)

– FEB Las Vegas tourney has posted schedule. (Tip: do not rent a car in Vegas)

-Seattle tourney should have all schedules posted tomorrow morning. Snow is most likely in Seattle so please come prepared. Local schools are used for this tourney so unfortunately this director is waiting on schools to make the call for gym usage. We should know if canceled or not by Wednesday. Gyms can be cold, please be prepared with warmups and sweats for all players.

All players should be paid up for the season at this point. Please give checks to coach or Leilani at practice tonight or pay online. Plan on player not playing in travel tourneys this weekend if you have unpaid bills.

Love to watch all your players getting better and working hard each and every practice. All coaches are embracing their teams and enjoy your kiddos. Good Luck to those that play this weekend.


2019 Season Photos

Each year parents and spectators take many pictures during Tournaments Trailsend attends. Our site now has a Photo Gallery page for these photos to be stored. If you have any photos you would like to share and have posted in the Gallery there are multiple ways to do so. Share a web album where you have uploaded the images, such as iCloud, Google Photos, Flickr etc. You may also share them on social media and tag Trailsend Volleyball Club. Send any links you have to web albums or social media to trailsendvbc@gmail.com. You can email individual pictures as well.

Check out the new Photo Galleries Page on our website for current and archived photos.

Trailsend Social Media Links: Facebook Instagram

Roster Pictures Are Posted

The Team Roster pages have been updated with player pictures. Rosters can be viewed under each Team Page or by clicking the links below. There are a few folks that have not had their picture taken yet. There will be additional opportunities this week and next before or after practice. Bring both Team Jerseys to match up with which your team used.

Once in the Roster Page, you can click on an image to get the full size image. These full size images can be downloaded too.

12-1 Roster
14-1 Roster
15-1 Roster
16-1 Roster
18-1 Roster
18-2 Roster

Happy New Year Trailsend

Hope all teams had a great time with their team bonding events over the holidays. Please send all pictures from this and future team pics to Kylie through text at 971-221-9462. She will be posting all of them on our Instagram and we can get your smiling faces on our website.

-12-1 and 14-1 teams your location for you power league is up. You both will be at the hoop. You will be able to find the schedule through www.advancedeventsystems.com for most all upcoming events except for your friendship tourneys.

-For 16 and 18s tourneys coming up. Nothing will be posted until the week of for the Matt Hartner Classic and the Power League Qualifier. Please do not call CEVA for this information.

-Most of the Deadlines for Pay to Play events for Hotels have passed now for the tournaments. Las Vegas 15u and 16u teams deadline is the 7th of Jan.

-All players have been registered correctly in the system and all teams are caught up with refereeing and scoring certifications. (Thank you)

-Each player should have received 2 jerseys (Blue, Grey), 1/2 zip jacket, and bags for the season. Please let me know if your player did not receive any of these items for any reason. During tournaments please do not leave bags alone. Either put them under Team bench while players are playing or parents should have them with them. Stealing is a real thing.

– Make up roster picture days will be Jan 3rd and the 7th. Please wear your jerseys before practice. And arrive a little early.

Great news!!! We should be receiving keys to facilities this week, hoping this will cut down on mishaps at Ogden and Eastham. For Eastham school please be advised that Jazzercise does not want us in the gym doors before 7pm. Please be patient and wait outside and they should open doors for us once they have packed up. If there are further problems with this please let me know and I will address this situation

Good luck to all teams and players in 2019. We are looking forward to watching everyone learn and grow in the game and as a person throughout the season. Thank you all for your support for the players and Trailsend.