Congrats to all Trailsend players whom made a Trailsend Team this year. We are all looking forward to a fun and passionate season!!!!!

Here is an update of things that should already be done or should be worked on over Thanksgiving break!

Faith Bufferale
Allie Collins
Sydney Fogelman
Kennady Grant
Amiyah Halford
Avery Lanz
Ellie Low
Madeline O’brein
Hailey Parks
Kylee Pittam
Sarah Trusty
Emma Vandecoevering
Please change membership over to $55 through CEVA and USAV. I can not put you on an official roster until this is done.

-Other unknown Players need to change their club name on membership to Trailsend club. These players also can not be on a roster without this being done.

-Calendar is updated till January. Please continue to check for updates in the following weeks.

-Email will be sent out by each team parent shortly about the Dec. 9th and 10th friendship tourney coming up at DSK.

18-1/16-1/15-1 Players and families headed down to Eugene in January. We are not going to block rooms this year for this event due to lack of Hotel space in Eugene and many families drive to and fro from this event in the past. So please feel free to book rooms as you all see fitter this event. Most of us will all play at the football field! BEST WESTERN in Springfield has great reviews from our 18-1 families in years past!

Players should have:
-Jersey Deposits $150
-Club Deposits $450 or $550
-Parent/Player agreement
-Jump Ropes
-Sweats (Optional)
-Long sleeve shirt
-2 Jersey’s are being sorted and will be given out shorty to each player.
-Players should start working on Ref/Scoring certifications.
-Team parents and Coaches should be planning team bonding event in the next 3 weeks!

Thank you for everyones support and encouragement for Trailsend! We are so lucky to have the best families in the Region at our club! Have a great Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you!


November 9th 2017

Hi Trailsend!!!!

Congratulations to all our 14 and under players for making a huge impression at tryouts. We are all excited for the season to start!
-If you were not at parent meeting on Tuesday please send me your players sizes for jerseys and sweats for the year. We will be using same sweats as last year so you do not need to buy more unless you would like to. (Limited supply)
-Parent Player contracts were signed as well so please tag me at the next few practices to get yours in ASAP.
-Practice schedule has already changes little for this month and will continue to do so as we get a better idea of the teams this year. Please constantly look at the calendar for updates. YOU ALL DO HAVE PRACTICE THIS FRIDAY AT OGDEN FROM 5:30-7:30pm!!!! (Possible added practice next week FYI)

16 and Under tryouts are at Ogden from 8am-10:30am this is on Sunday (Please arrive 15min to 30min early) Monday tryouts are from 6-8pm. Trying to make both tryouts is always a good thing.

18 and Under tryouts are at Ogden from 10am to noon on Sunday. (Same rules apply as above)

Becca is up at OHSU doing her second round of chemo. She is hanging in there and doing here best to kill that cancer!!! Dean and Julie said she is up for visitors and or a phone call. Please text me and I can get you the information needed to see the family.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday bright and early!!! Please call if you have any questions or concerns!






November 2nd 2017

Hi Everyone……

  • Last Open Gym: 15 and Up from 5:30pm-7:30pm @ Ogden Middle School Tonight!!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!
  • Tryout Info:
    14 and Under: 8am-10am on Sunday Nov 5th @ Ogden/ Monday Nov 6th 6pm-8pm @ Ogden
    12 and Under: 8:30am-10am on Sunday Nov 5th @ Ogden/ Monday Nov 6th 6pm-8pm
    16 and Under: 8am-10:30am on Sunday Nov 12th @ Ogden/ Monday Nov 13th 6pm-8pm
    18 and Under: 10am-Noon on Sunday Nov. 12th @ Ogden/ Monday Nov 13th 6pm-8pm
  • Things to bring to Tryouts:
    Ceva Registration: Temporary Tryout Certification: $15/ Season Certification: $55
    Concussion Form:
    Medical Release Form:
    One time $15.00 fee per player for Tryouts
    Bring a friend/ knee pads/ and a great competitive attitude!
  • Payment Plan Trailsend Team

    Hope to See Everyone tonight or at Tryouts! Please call if there are any questions!
    310-940-9784- Leilani

October 10th: Tryouts Coming Soon

Hi Trailsend Family:

Congrats to all out Trailsend players who are in the running to be state bound contenders in 2017. Please show support for all the following teams in the next coming weeks. Trailsend is proud to represent players in ever division in the OSAA. Please send me pictures of all the players. I’d live to post them on the website!

West Linn- 6
Clackamas- 10
Canby- 14
Oregon City-17
Clevland- 23
Lake Oswego- 24
Sandy- 7
La Salle- 9
Wilsonville- 10
Estacada- 16
Horizon Christian- 22
Columbia Christian- 19
Country Christian- 2
North Clackamas Christian- 12
Damascus Christian- 16

TRYOUT INFORMATION: (CEVAREGION.ORG is best place to get all information)
What to bring to Tryouts: (Nov. 5th/ Nov. 12th)
-Membership Registration
-Medical Release Form
-Concussion Form
-$15.00 one time entry fee to tryout
-show up approx 30 min before tryouts begin

Player needs to be born on or after September 1st of each year given to qualify to play these age divisions: (Waiver are no longer given out as easily as they used too)
12u: 2005 any year after this will be placed on a 12u team.
14u: 2003
15u: 2002
16u: 2001
18u: 1998

OPEN GYMS: HAPPENING NOW (Follow Calendar for Dates and Times)

On another note Rebecca Johnston a recent graduate of the Trailsend Family has recently found out she has bone cancer. Rebecca and her family will be going through Chemotherapy at OHSU. To get updates please go to to follow Rebecca! All our love goes out Rebecca and her family. She is fighter and will have Ryan by her side to introduce her to all the elevators at OHSU!

October 2018

Hi Trailsend Families,

Hope everyone is having a great indoor school season.

Quick update:
-Open gyms are starting the 2nd of October at Ogden Middle school. 14 and under will be starting at 5:30pm and 15 and Up starting at 7:15pm till 9pm. Please look at the calendar for all updates/ season power league/ travel schedule.

-Agility Training will be moved inside during open gym starting Monday at 6pm-7pm for those interested. Sunday training will remain in the morning.

Trailsend Tryouts:
14u: 8am-10am @ Ogden, Nov 5th
12u: 8:30-10am @ Ogden,Nov 5th
16u: 8am-10:30am @ Ogden, Nov 12th
18u: 10am-Noon @ Ogden, Nov 12th

-Tentative Travel Schedule per team (Calendar updated)
18-1: January- U of Oregon/ February- Vegas Classic/ March- MidEast Qualifier
18-2: 2 local tournaments a month, including regionals
16-1: January- U of Oregon/ February- NW Junior Seattle/ April- Vegas Qualifier
15-1: January- U of Oregon/ February- NW Junior Seattle/ April- Vegas Qualifier
16-2: 2 local tournaments a month, including regionals
14-1: January and February-NW Junior Seattle/ March- NW Qualifier (Spokane)
14-2: 2 local tournaments a month, including regionals
12-1: 2 local tournaments a month, including regionals
12-2: 1 tournament a month

Finish strong in your indoor seasons and we look forward to seeing all of you very soon. Please call 310-940-9784 if you have and questions!




Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed this hot summer and congratulations to all you whom made a high school team this year. We hope to come an watch a game or two this year of your seasons. We are preparing for a great 2018 club season and I just wanting to give everyone an update on the season details as of now.

OPEN GYMS: (We ask that only players that are interested in Trailsend tryouts come to the open gyms provided by Trailsend club)
Start: October 2nd(Please check calendar for specific times per age group)
@ Ogden Middle school

TRYOUTS: November (Please come with Complete Registration and be ready to sign commitment papers day of Tryouts)
14 Under: Sunday 5th 8am-10am @ Ogden Middle School
12 Under: Sunday 5th 8:30am-10am @ Ogden Middle School
12 & 14 Under: Monday 6th 6pm-8pm @ Ogden Middle School
16 Under: Sunday 12th 8am-10:30am @ Ogden Middle School
18 Under: Sunday 12th 10am-12pm @ Ogden Middle School
18 & 16 Under: Monday 13th 6pm-8pm @ Ogden Middle School

AGILITY TRAINING: Happening Now (All ages)
Please contact Leilani for group times and dates 310-940-9784 (Training in OC)
Meet twice a week for 45 min…… Great work out for jumping and quickness!
(No volleyballs are involved in workout) $20 per person

2018 Coaching Assignments: (Subject to Change)
18-1: Leilani Kamahoahoa
18-2: Natalya and Denis Zhokova
16-1: Malia Kamahoahoa
15-1: Justine Rhodes
16-2: Janin McGrath
14-1: Harmik Issa
14-2: Marius Draghici
12-1: Kylee Brunger
12-2: Kiara McNeal

Please check the calendar for any changes that may occur. Call or Email if there are any questions or concerns. Good Luck to everyone in their season and we hope to see you soon!




Hi Everyone,

Sorry on the delay of final post. I had a computer glitch!
First I want to say thank you all for an amazing season. Everyone was so supportive of all teams and I am proud that we are truly a TRAILSEND FAMILY. All our teams competed so hard at regionals and all coaches were so proud of their teams. Please keep in contact throughout the offseason. We would love to be able to watch all the players in their next volleyball endeavors so please email schedules and we will try and come watch a game. If we don’t see you at beach practices or tourneys I wish you all the best luck at try-outs for high school or college.

When we decide to start open gyms I will send out a blog as well as put it on calendar.
Please send in your favorite pics from regionals of your teams and I will post them on HOME page and on our Facebook page!

Here are the Trailsend finishing placements for the CEVA Region:
18-1: 27th
18-2: 55th
16-1: 19th
15-1: 67th
14-1: 18th
14-2: 122nd
12-1: 27th

Beach News: We are going to change to two sessions for beach starting next week due to the overflow of players coming out this early in the season. Beginner session will stay at 5-7pm/ Intermediate session will be from 7-9pm on Monday and Wednesdays. Also our tourneys are filling up quicker than expected so please call or email Leilani ASAP to guarantee a spot. Thank you all for your support.



Hi Trailsend,

Thank you for such an amazing year. All our teams have improved so much and parents and players have been truly wonderful. Regionals is here and the schedules are out for the teams. Unfortunately that means that season is close to an end! Team parents will be sending out end of the year info shortly per individual teams.

REGIONAL SCHEDULES: (Please make an effort to support all  Teams)
18-1 Harmik
18-2 Malia
16-1 Bryan
15-1 Leilani
14-1 Leilani
14-2 Kylie
12-1 Erin

Please be prepared to turn in all gear (except sweats) at the end of the tourney to team parents depending on individual team.



Awesome Weekend for Trailsend!

Congrats to our 18-1 Team for winning home tourney! (Such a fun day to watch our youngest team and oldest teams playing side by side) You all have made Big mamma proud over the years!

Trailsend 18-1 Winner

Congrats to our 12-1 for Winning their Power League!

Trailsend 12-1 Winner

Seeding and schedules will be out later this week. Regionals is two days long. Parking can be a serious problem if you do not get there in the AM. I suggest carpooling if possible. Please encourage players to come and support all teams during down times at Convention center!

Teams playing in the AM session both Saturday and Sunday!
12-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
14-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
18-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
18-2 (Playing for 49th seed)

Teams playing in PM session both Saturday and Sunday!
14-2 (Playing for 113th seed)
15-1 (Playing for 33rd seed)
16-1 (Playing for 17th seed)

Players please bring a pen or a pencil for your clinics! First half hour we will be doing a questionnaire about 2017 season for all players to answer.


Happy Be-lated Easter!

Hi Trailsend,

Schedule for the Friendship tourney for 18-1/18-2/12-2 on Saturday. All information should have been sent out to teams for their playing and also working schedules by email. Please let coach know if you have not received any information.

Power League Schedule:

Practices have been slightly changed for this week. Please see calendar! Next week clinics will be Monday and Tuesday. Clinics are mandatory for all players to attend just as a practice would be. If you miss a practice please attend another teams practice to make up the time.

The end of the Season is almost here. Team parents please start thinking of ideas and dates to have end of the year party. Also make sure and collect and inventory all gear per player per team when players turn in their stuff!

Wok’s Up beach facility is a great place to have a party if you would like to do end of year party there just let me know and I can schedule anytime.