Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed this hot summer and congratulations to all you whom made a high school team this year. We hope to come an watch a game or two this year of your seasons. We are preparing for a great 2018 club season and I just wanting to give everyone an update on the season details as of now.

OPEN GYMS: (We ask that only players that are interested in Trailsend tryouts come to the open gyms provided by Trailsend club)
Start: October 2nd(Please check calendar for specific times per age group)
@ Ogden Middle school

TRYOUTS: November (Please come with Complete Registration and be ready to sign commitment papers day of Tryouts)
14 Under: Sunday 5th 8am-10am @ Ogden Middle School
12 Under: Sunday 5th 8:30am-10am @ Ogden Middle School
12 & 14 Under: Monday 6th 6pm-8pm @ Ogden Middle School
16 Under: Sunday 12th 8am-10:30am @ Ogden Middle School
18 Under: Sunday 12th 10am-12pm @ Ogden Middle School
18 & 16 Under: Monday 13th 6pm-8pm @ Ogden Middle School

AGILITY TRAINING: Happening Now (All ages)
Please contact Leilani for group times and dates 310-940-9784 (Training in OC)
Meet twice a week for 45 min…… Great work out for jumping and quickness!
(No volleyballs are involved in workout) $20 per person

2018 Coaching Assignments: (Subject to Change)
18-1: Leilani Kamahoahoa
18-2: Natalya and Denis Zhokova
16-1: Malia Kamahoahoa
15-1: Justine Rhodes
16-2: Janin McGrath
14-1: Harmik Issa
14-2: Marius Draghici
12-1: Kylee Brunger
12-2: Kiara McNeal

Please check the calendar for any changes that may occur. Call or Email if there are any questions or concerns. Good Luck to everyone in their season and we hope to see you soon!




Hi Everyone,

Sorry on the delay of final post. I had a computer glitch!
First I want to say thank you all for an amazing season. Everyone was so supportive of all teams and I am proud that we are truly a TRAILSEND FAMILY. All our teams competed so hard at regionals and all coaches were so proud of their teams. Please keep in contact throughout the offseason. We would love to be able to watch all the players in their next volleyball endeavors so please email schedules and we will try and come watch a game. If we don’t see you at beach practices or tourneys I wish you all the best luck at try-outs for high school or college.

When we decide to start open gyms I will send out a blog as well as put it on calendar.
Please send in your favorite pics from regionals of your teams and I will post them on HOME page and on our Facebook page!

Here are the Trailsend finishing placements for the CEVA Region:
18-1: 27th
18-2: 55th
16-1: 19th
15-1: 67th
14-1: 18th
14-2: 122nd
12-1: 27th

Beach News: We are going to change to two sessions for beach starting next week due to the overflow of players coming out this early in the season. Beginner session will stay at 5-7pm/ Intermediate session will be from 7-9pm on Monday and Wednesdays. Also our tourneys are filling up quicker than expected so please call or email Leilani ASAP to guarantee a spot. Thank you all for your support.



Hi Trailsend,

Thank you for such an amazing year. All our teams have improved so much and parents and players have been truly wonderful. Regionals is here and the schedules are out for the teams. Unfortunately that means that season is close to an end! Team parents will be sending out end of the year info shortly per individual teams.

REGIONAL SCHEDULES: (Please make an effort to support all  Teams)
18-1 Harmik
18-2 Malia
16-1 Bryan
15-1 Leilani
14-1 Leilani
14-2 Kylie
12-1 Erin

Please be prepared to turn in all gear (except sweats) at the end of the tourney to team parents depending on individual team.



Awesome Weekend for Trailsend!

Congrats to our 18-1 Team for winning home tourney! (Such a fun day to watch our youngest team and oldest teams playing side by side) You all have made Big mamma proud over the years!

Trailsend 18-1 Winner

Congrats to our 12-1 for Winning their Power League!

Trailsend 12-1 Winner

Seeding and schedules will be out later this week. Regionals is two days long. Parking can be a serious problem if you do not get there in the AM. I suggest carpooling if possible. Please encourage players to come and support all teams during down times at Convention center!

Teams playing in the AM session both Saturday and Sunday!
12-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
14-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
18-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
18-2 (Playing for 49th seed)

Teams playing in PM session both Saturday and Sunday!
14-2 (Playing for 113th seed)
15-1 (Playing for 33rd seed)
16-1 (Playing for 17th seed)

Players please bring a pen or a pencil for your clinics! First half hour we will be doing a questionnaire about 2017 season for all players to answer.


Happy Be-lated Easter!

Hi Trailsend,

Schedule for the Friendship tourney for 18-1/18-2/12-2 on Saturday. All information should have been sent out to teams for their playing and also working schedules by email. Please let coach know if you have not received any information.

Power League Schedule:

Practices have been slightly changed for this week. Please see calendar! Next week clinics will be Monday and Tuesday. Clinics are mandatory for all players to attend just as a practice would be. If you miss a practice please attend another teams practice to make up the time.

The end of the Season is almost here. Team parents please start thinking of ideas and dates to have end of the year party. Also make sure and collect and inventory all gear per player per team when players turn in their stuff!

Wok’s Up beach facility is a great place to have a party if you would like to do end of year party there just let me know and I can schedule anytime.



April 11th 2017

Hi Trailsend Family!

Thank you for such a great time in Vegas. This destination will be on the list for following years for sure!!!

Congrats to our 12-1 and 18-1 for a great Power League weekend!

Power Leagues: Saturday 4/15

Ryan has 4 baseball tickets he would love to give to someone tonight. Game is Oregon State vs. Gonzaga. Starts at 6pm. Seats are right behind the catcher! Please call Jackie at 503-961-3399 if you would like them. They are FREE!!!!

Happy Easter!



April 3rd 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed a great spring break!

Please check the calendar for practice changes this month.

Good Luck to everyone in their tournaments this weekend!

SCVA VEGAS Schedules: April 7th-9th
14-1 pm schedule
16-1 am schedule

CEVA POWER LEAGUE Schedules: April 9th

Look forward to seeing everyone at practices starting tonight!



March 27th

Good Morning!

It’s going to be a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky and I see beach volleyball on the horizon!

For beach today please make sure to bring your waiver forms/ rain clothes/ sunglasses.. Check-in starts at 12:30. If you are not pre registered it is important you are there before 12:45pm. I will be making 10 more spots available for walk ins today as all our previous spots are full! Please check TRAILSEND BEACH on facebook to see full list of participants.

Please call 310-940-9784 if you are coming last minute and or questions concerns.

TRAILSEND 18-1 congrats on a good qualifier! Hope you all got home safe and sound! is having rental cars for Vegas for super cheap. Under $100 for 4 days! I’m sure deals will go fast.

Have a great Spring Break everyone!


March 30th 2017

Hello Trailsend,

Congrats to our 15-1 team for moving up in Power League this weekend!
Good Luck to our 18-1 traveling to the PNQ Tourney this weekend.

After the clinics this week there will be no indoor competition for most of our teams until the 7th of April. It’s important for all the players to get a mental break from volleyball to be excited to finish out the season with a bang! My hope is that I see you all out on the sand enjoying a new environment and meeting new friends. Beach Spring Break Volleyball Camp has 10 more spots available. Please pre-register this year with Leilani. For more details please look at website.

National Qualifiers schedules are not up yet but 18-1 have PM / 16-1 have AM/ 14-1 have PM. You can find all schedules of AES (advanced event systems) Travel tournaments are a great time for team bonding between players/parents! Please make team moments a priority while participating in these events, it’s all part of the journey! Remember traveling tourneys have a NO boyfriend rule!

Please look for any calendar changes next month for practices!

March 13th 2017

Hello Trailsend Family!!!!

Congrats to our 16-1 for Winning Home tourney this weekend!!!

16-1 Trailsend 2017

Great performances in Power League this weekend for 14/12 teams as well!

I can not say THANK YOU enough to all parents and players who provide so much to help with the tourney. I have gotten so many grateful emails from other teams telling us how great the hospitality is at the tourneys as well as good competition!


Friendly Reminders
1. Beach Sign-ups coming around this week for SPRING BREAK BEACH CAMP. Please have check in hand for $50 if you want to get on the list. Please put name of player of the check and write out to Leilani Kamahoahoa. Leilani will be at all practices this week but will not put any player on the list without prepayment first. 40 spots available only!!! We partner with Adidas VBC for all beach events.

2. Please reread parent/ player policy on website. Our pay to play policy will be reinforced this weekend and thereafter for all players. Please get ahold of Jackie ASAP if you have questions. 503-961-3399

3. Indoor clinics next week. Clinics are a great time for all players to hear and learn from different coaches and play with older and younger players. The clinics are mandatory participation just like a practice. Please read times on calendar for all players and teams.

4. Next Home tourney will be April 22nd. 18-1/18-2 will be in charge of set up and clean up on this date. More details to come 2nd week of April.