Intra Club Tournament 2019 and Website New Look

2019 Champions

Intra 2

The 2019 Intra Club tournament is in the books. It was nice being back in the CAIS Gym. The parent teams started out strong, but age may have gotten the best of them and they slowly slipped away. Another year and no parent team won the championship. Next year! Even though it was the beginning of Spring Break, we had a good turnout. Awesome food, music and fun. I have created a photo album to share pics of the tournament. The link is in the Photo Galleries Page. And you can access it directly Here. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please email . There is also a shared Google Photo Album if you would like to upload pics to that.

If you have not visited the Trailsend Website lately, there is a new look to it. The menus have been condensed and more cell phone user friendly. Give the site a try. Same information, just not as cluttered.