Intra Club Tourney 2019

I can say from all the coaches that today was such a fun day. Thank you for sharing your time with us this season. It was so entertaining watching everyone play today and have a great time. NOBODY GOT HURT!!!! But I’m sure a few may be sore. I hope you all enjoy this tourney tradition as much as we do. Also thank you for the full belly, food was great!

This next week is Spring Break so there will be no indoor practices. I will be on the sand though. Please encourage you players to play if you are not going out of town. This will expand all skills but also give them the mental break they need from indoor. Parents come enjoy the sun and sand as well as we have nice beverages for y’all. This is a camp so it is meant for learning and fun, the younger the better! You can sign up online through our site. Hope to see you all there!