Not on Team Roster

Here are players that are not on team rosters for the year due to:
– updated $55 membership and or
– Trailsend needs to be changed as your membership team and or
– Have not paid for the season with a deposit of $450 to Trailsend
(Players will not be able to participate in first tourney of the year without this completed)

  • 18-1 Team
    Brittany Quinn
    Arika Evans
    Rory Schedler
    Riley Lehman
    Lexi Petro
  • 18-2 Team
    Kaylee Falaschetti
    Keyristan Avellenda
  • 16-1 Team
    Dylan Schmidt
    Sydney Leveque
  • 15-1 Team
    Allie Miller-Reiss
  • 14-1 Team
  • 12-1 Team
    Jordan Hernandez

-All teams still need to get score and ref certified ASAP as this will be something we need to participate on Dec 16th.
-Please check spelling of last names on the team page. If incorrect please email or text Leilani with right spelling.
-18-1 your deadline to reserve rooms for Vegas tourney is coming up on the 17th of Dec.
-14-1 I am working on getting a block of rooms for Jan tourney for your team.