2019 Trailsend Club Season

Open Gym and Tryout dates and times soon to come, sorry for the delay.

2019 Trailsend Coaches:

  • 12’s-1 Leilani Kamahoahoa
  • 14’s-2 Kiara McNeal
  • 14’s-1 Kylie Brunger
  • 16’s-2 Natasha Horsch
  • 15’s-1 Malia Kamahoahoa
  • 16’s-1 Leilani Kamahoahoa
  • 18’s-2 Justine Rhodes
  • 18’s-1 Randy Wheeler/ Carrie Wheeler

Payment page is up to date, except for the 18-1 team payments will be the same per team.

Discussions of running 16-2 and 14-2 teams as part time teams are being discussed. (1 practice per week 1 tourney per month) This would lessen payment per team. Opinions are welcome.

More info to Come.