Great Trailsend Season 2018

Hi All,

I’d like to congratulate everyone for a great regional tourney. So many highlights! It was so fun to watch everyone play. Thank you all for coming and supporting each other. All the players loved to see you at the matches!

18-2 were Champion of their division. They beat an amazing team to take home the prize of the tourney in Comeback Bracket to get 49th!

14-2 moved up 4 divisions from the beginning of the year to finish in the Championship round to get 82nd.
Photo 1-2

18-1 accomplished all our goals for the year. Top seven in the state was just a bonus. Best finish Trailsend has every had in any division in any year. So proud of these girls not only because of the volleyball success, all our senior have a scholarship for college, but most of the them have been apart of the Trailsend family for 5+ years and we have seen them grow and become beautiful strong women with integrity and character. How sweet it is for us to go through the ups and the downs with our families for years and see the girls off to the next big steps into the world. I’m confident all of you have the skills to be your best selves in any situation life may have for you. Proud!!!

Amiyah Shakoor: Umpqua CC
Emily Beebe: Blue Mountain CC
Bella Forncrook: Texas A&M International
Bridgette O’Connor: Lynn University Florida
Sophia Davies: George Fox
Marina Daniels: Oregon
Sinclair Ashley: Louisiana

All Trailsend finishes for 2018:
18-1: 7th
18-2: 49th
16-1: 25th
15-1: 63rd
16-2: 95th
14-1: 30th
14-2: 82nd

Beach volleyball is beginning this Wednesday. Would love to see you all there. Be there around 5:45pm to get signed up. All details are on Trailsend Beach tab or Woks up website.

Thank you all again for showing so much support between all the food and the gift cards. I know theĀ Avellaneda family has felt overwhelming loved by everyone.

It has been such a wonderful season. Thank you for letting Trailsend be apart of your lives. We wish all the girls the best of luck in high school or middle school tryouts. Hope to see everyone soon and definitely in November. It has been a pleasure to coach you all.