End of the Year Reminders

Hi Trailsend Family,

Change of Location for practice on Monday 23rd of April. Will now be at Estacada High School (355 NE 6th ave estacada) Time change to 5:30-8:30pm for clinics. (Survey will be passed out)

Regional Reminders:
– Bring all jerseys and bags on Sunday, please turn into team parents for each team.
– Seed for Regionals are not yet posted and will be possibly different from what Power league finish was. Schedule will be posted on team page through AES.
– Regionals will be at Expo Center this year on two different weekends. (Please come and support all teams!

Family in Need:
Thank you all for your loving outreach of food/ gift cards/ presents for this family.
– When bringing food please let your coach know so that we are aware of the food brought.
– If you bring food on Tues/ Thursday. Please just drop off food and the coach in charge can get food where it needs to go.
– This week 16-2/18-1 and Next week 18-2/18-1 and Last Week 15-1/16-1 team schedule to bring food is wanting to contribute.

SCVA VEGAS Qualifier: 15-1/ 16-1
– Schedule posted on team pages.
– Coaches will be in Vegas on Thursday night.
– Play should be over at the latest Monday later afternoon.
– Please prepared for many team events after or before playing. Team parents work hard to organize events. Please try and be flexible and open to ideas from everyone.

Looking forward to all clinics this week. It has been so fun to watch everyone improve this season. Good Luck at Regionals!!!

Please contact Leilani for Beach Season coming up soon!!!