Hi All,

Here is the outstanding CEVA starting spots after qualifiers of all our teams:
18-1: 16th
18-2: 55th
16-1: 28th
15-1: 54th
16-2: 99th
14-1: 26th
14-2: 111th
Next tournament schedules are posted for all 18’s and 16’s teams on team home pages!

Our next clinic will be this Friday @ Ogden from 5:15-8:15pm for 14-2/14-1/15-1/16-2/18-2 teams. These clinics have been an amazing way for all the coaches to get to know and work with all the athletes. Please try and get your players to designated clinics when they are given.

HOTELS: Last but not least all Spokane hotels are now blocked and links will be posted for 14-1 team shortly online. FEB 8th will be the cut off date to get these rooms. All other hotel blocked rooms deadlines have expired.

Lessons are available at certain dates and times throughout the season. Please call or text Leilani to get on the list if you are interested in the lessons.

1. Players and Parents are no longer allowed in the lobby while jazzercise is being held! Please wait outside in your cars or outside the doors until jazzercise has completed.
2. Parents and Players are not allowed in the school hallways while practice is being ran. Please make sure children, not practicing, stay inside the gym at all times and are supervised.
1. Everyone is still allowed to park in the back of the school. I will let everyone know when or if they are going to be shutting that access off.

Thank you for all supporting your Trailsend teams!