Traveling Tournament Updates

Hello Trailsend Families,

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Answers to Questions

  • Power League Tourneys are usually not scheduled until two weeks prior of the actual date. for updates
  •  Friendship tourneys I usually get email during the same week of the tourney and team parent will send out to the rest of the team.
  • Travel Tourneys schedules are usually not know until week of. AM/PM schedule is usually known month or so prior.
    – Links to the traveling tourney website are also attached to our website with hotel info. Any parent can check to see if tourney has been updated through these link or through AES. Team parents are pretty good about checking this info. Asking them for schedule a month prior to a tourney is not reasonable.
  • Jan Seattle Travel tourney schedules will not be known until Jan 9th on AES. Main Facility is Juanita High school but is played at multiple facilities. (Hotel is centrally located for Presidents day as well hopefully)
    – Seattle Jan tourney is a 3 day tourney SAT/ SUN/ MON (Please revise hotel accordingly)
    -15u is PM wave Saturday and Sunday (Could drive up Saturday instead of Friday)
    -14u is unknown on Sat and Sunday is AM wave
  • MHM tourney schedule will be known on the 9th on AES. Main facility is Moshofsky Center.
    – SAT/ SUN / MON tourney
    – 18u is AM on Sat/ 16u is PM on Saturday
    – No team blocked hotel rooms/ Details for Team house for 18-1 players will be sent out from team mom shortly
  • Deadline for blocked hotel rooms have passed for Jan tourneys but you could possibly call hotel in stay at the same venue.
  • PARKING AT OGDEN: Parking in the front of Ogden will not be enforced until late January (I do appreciate all of you the called into the admin, your concerns were heard)
  • Clinics are not optional. They are like a practice so they need to be made up just as if a missed practice during season. (All players should be making up practices with other teams if you miss your own)
    – You need to inform coaches if your are going to miss practices or are late.
  • 2nd payment for season is due on January 10th.

Have a GREAT 2018 New Years!!!!!