HO HO HO 12/12/18

Hi All!

I hope you all are adjusting to the weather with ease and getting ready for a wonderful Christmas! Here is an update of what all players should have by now.

  • Two sets of Jerseys/ Bags – for spandex all players will buy their own black spandex, please make sure no big logos are on the black spandex when wearing in matches. (Except 18-1)
  • After this weekend all teams will have experienced their first tournaments. GOOD JOB this last weekend/ GOOD LUCK this weekend!
  • Please get score/ref certified ASAP. If players are not certified by January teams could be restricted from playing in first events of 2018 and fined from CEVA.
  • All players should have CEVA membership under Trailsend by now so they can be on official roster.
  • All Players should have second payment paid Dec 10th deadline. (Please check payment page for each team payments vary)
  • Email for 16-2 Kylie and 15-1 Justine for upcoming friendship will be out soon.
  • Team Bonding events should have already occurred and or occurring throughout this week. (Closure you get to Christmas the players will leave town)
  • HOLIDAY CAN drive ends this Friday! (Pizza Party for the winners will be on the following Monday)!
  • Blocked Hotels rooms for traveling tournaments are up for Seattle tourney in January for 15-1/14-1, Feb Vegas Classic 18-1 Excalibur, March Colorado 18-1 Drury. There are deadlines for these hotels and blocked rooms that don’t get taken will be distributed elsewhere.
  • You can start buying plane tickets for all away tourneys as we have been accepted to all, just waiting for hotel venues to get back to us about blocked room confirmations.
  • Bringing (English bulldog) puppies to practice on Monday!!!

Thank you all for being best parent/ player group ever!!! I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy the love of family during your break! Please call or email Leilani at 310-940-9784 or trailsendvbc@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.