Happy Thanksgiving

Players that are still not on a roster due to unpaid $55 CEVA fee and or Trailsend club is not on Membership. Please call Cody at the ceva office to get on a roster immediately.

Ellie Low
Tatyanna Turner
Sinclaire Ashley
Breeanna Abbs

Kristin Kendall
Alli Heth
Taylor Vutrakis
Lily Avants
Nicole Nikitorets
GiGi Gottsh

Mallory Middendorf
Faith Bufferale

Kennady Grant
Jordon Prusso
Kylee Pittam
Sydney Fogelman

Kia Judd
Mia Middendorf
Emma Pruitt

Keyristan Avellaneda
Zoey Shawcross
Sarah Trusty
Bailey Heryford

There will be a $50 fee charged by CEVA if this is not completed. Ceva is amazing at helping any of you if you are having issues.

15-1 Team:
There is a 50% chance you may not get into the U of Oregon tourney. We will know on Dec 5th for sure. I have registered you into the NW Junior tourney in Kent /Auburn/Bonney Lake with the 14-1 on the same dates just in case. I am working on registrations now for all the following tourneys and hotel reservations as most travel tourneys are stay to play.
Thank you!!!