Hi Everyone,

Sorry on the delay of final post. I had a computer glitch!
First I want to say thank you all for an amazing season. Everyone was so supportive of all teams and I am proud that we are truly a TRAILSEND FAMILY. All our teams competed so hard at regionals and all coaches were so proud of their teams. Please keep in contact throughout the offseason. We would love to be able to watch all the players in their next volleyball endeavors so please email schedules and we will try and come watch a game. If we don’t see you at beach practices or tourneys I wish you all the best luck at try-outs for high school or college.

When we decide to start open gyms I will send out a blog as well as put it on calendar.
Please send in your favorite pics from regionals of your teams and I will post them on HOME page and on our Facebook page!

Here are the Trailsend finishing placements for the CEVA Region:
18-1: 27th
18-2: 55th
16-1: 19th
15-1: 67th
14-1: 18th
14-2: 122nd
12-1: 27th

Beach News: We are going to change to two sessions for beach starting next week due to the overflow of players coming out this early in the season. Beginner session will stay at 5-7pm/ Intermediate session will be from 7-9pm on Monday and Wednesdays. Also our tourneys are filling up quicker than expected so please call or email Leilani ASAP to guarantee a spot. Thank you all for your support.