Awesome Weekend for Trailsend!

Congrats to our 18-1 Team for winning home tourney! (Such a fun day to watch our youngest team and oldest teams playing side by side) You all have made Big mamma proud over the years!

Trailsend 18-1 Winner

Congrats to our 12-1 for Winning their Power League!

Trailsend 12-1 Winner

Seeding and schedules will be out later this week. Regionals is two days long. Parking can be a serious problem if you do not get there in the AM. I suggest carpooling if possible. Please encourage players to come and support all teams during down times at Convention center!

Teams playing in the AM session both Saturday and Sunday!
12-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
14-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
18-1 (Playing for 17th seed)
18-2 (Playing for 49th seed)

Teams playing in PM session both Saturday and Sunday!
14-2 (Playing for 113th seed)
15-1 (Playing for 33rd seed)
16-1 (Playing for 17th seed)

Players please bring a pen or a pencil for your clinics! First half hour we will be doing a questionnaire about 2017 season for all players to answer.