Home Tournaments

Hi Everyone,

We all had so much fun at the Intra Club Tourney. Thank you to all who participated in making it a one of a kind special function that is unique to the Trailsend Volleyball Family!

  • Hopefully everyone had a chance to sign Erin’s Blanket. If not I will be taking it around to practices this week and anyone can sign it then.
  • HARMIK best photographer ever!!! (Please thank him when you see him)
  • Younger players love playing with the older players. They look up to all of you! Thank you so much for coming and being great examples of not only good skilled players but great girls with good hearts!
  • I smell parent revenge for 2018!!!

Home Tournaments:

All schedules have been emailed out to your team parents and or coaches for March 5th and 11th tournaments. Each team will be delegated to either clean up or set up in the tourney they will play in. Thank you all for being so helpful and generous in all you do. Best group of Parents and Players!!!

Call if questions: 310-940-9784 #GOTRAILSEND