Monday January 30th

Congrats to All our Trailsend teams for a competitive Qualifying Power League!

Here is where all our teams will start out the  2017 Season!
18-1 Harmik: 27th/ Bronze
18-2 Malia 58th/ Comeback
16-1 Bryan 33rd/ Diamond
15-1 Leilani 65th/ Competition
14-1 Leilani 13th/ Silver
14-2 118th/ Cinderella
12’s Team have yet to compete in Power League

Power League for this weekend (2/4): (click on Link)

Friendship tournament  for 14-2/12-1/12-2 (2/5): Longview Aces tournament
Tournament schedule will be emailed out by coach or team parent shortly.

Friendly Reminders:
-Club dues are due: Please give to Jackie or Leilani at Practices (Pay to Play policy)
-Please double check practice and tournament schedules for month of Feb as changes have and will be made.
-All players should have at least 2 jerseys/ bag/warmups/long sleeve shirt for the season. Please let Leilani know if you are missing or have the wrong size. Liberos should have short sleeve and long sleeve pink jerseys as well.
– April Vegas Hotel Sign up will be coming out mid- February. The Palms is where our block of rooms will be. You sign up through Leilani with all information and she faxes into hotel room. This Travel company seems to be more organized than the one for Seattle!!!