Practice is still on for tonight 1/2/2017! If you can not get to the gym due to the weather we understand, safety comes first. Please contact your coach if you will be absent.

Leilani will be at practices this week with Sweats and Longsleeve trailsend apparel for all the players and parents to pick up and or buy. All other apparel is posted online and Leilani can bring that gear as well for those of you wanting to show Trailsend love during tournaments! Just text or email Leilani. Limited sizes and Colors are available so get them quickly!

We have our first Power Leagues coming up the weekend if the weather can get it together?? Please click on the link for each team below to get the AES information that you need for the Power Leagues. Tournaments will only be canceled if the facility gets shut down with CEVA that will be posted online before 5am the morning of each tournament.

12-1: Saturday 1/7/2017
14-1: Sunday 1/8/2017
14-2: Sunday 1/8/2017

For the Friendship tournament for 18-2/15-1 this Sunday each team should have received email with all playing information and details. If you have not received please contact coach and or Team parent ASAP.