Tis’ the Season

“No Practice Snow Day on Thursday the 15th of Dec 2017.”

Friendly Reminders:

-3 Teams have tournaments scheduled this weekend (The night before 10pm or early morning before 6am you will get a confirmation from team parent and or coach that the tournaments are either on or off for that particular NPJ Friendship tournament. Either way you should be getting a message via text or email. If you do not please call coach or team parent to confirm.

-Coaches and Team Parents please make sure your email lists and phone number lists are concrete for each of your teams for the season to get information passed on as quickly as possible. All parents need to have access to coaches phone numbers at all times.

-Please encourage all your parents and players to plug in their email to the website on bottom left hand corner to get blogs out to them ASAP.

-Please check calendar for all practice changes made in January due to tournaments/ clinics/ gym space.

-All Hotel Rooms should be booked for January and February and March Traveling tournaments! Please click on Link on our website for Seattle Presidents day tourney to reserve a room ASAP! Las Vegas Tourney in April reservations will be through Leilani and will be collecting blocked room information in January and faxing information in as a group by February!

Enjoy the Snow!